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Horoscopes by Twyla: November Edition

I’m back! It’s been approximately 31 months since I last wrote horoscopes, and I haven’t gotten any better at it! Keep reading to find out what may (or may not) be in store for you this month.


It’s your time to shine, Scorpio, and you’re ready for it! Your communications skills are strong AF right now, which comes in handy at the start of the month when literally everyone in your life is sending mixed signals – you’ve got the tools to straighten everything out. Something big is brewing for you but don’t start blabbing about it yet – just hold on another month or so before letting people know. You’ve been working hard on this for a long time, don’t let your loose lips ruin the unveiling. 

Sorry in advance to all you independent “I can do it myself” Sagittariuses out there, you’re not gonna be too stoked to hear that teamwork and collaboration are your two keywords this month. And even worse – someone else is going to take all the credit. Just let it slide this time, and focus on all the romance that is coming your way this month. Someone from your past is going to pop back into your life, and it looks like things might actually work out this time!


Your hard work over the last few months is ready to pay off, Capricorn. You’ve been working hard in hopes of a promotion or more responsibility, and if your current job won’t give it to you, you should look somewhere else! You are ready, willing and able (and you totally deserve it!).
Have you also been making all the effort in a romantic relationship recently? It’s a good time to take a step back and see if what you’re putting in is worth what you’re getting out. (Also you’re going to have a big unexpected expense this month, so get ready for that.)

This is a big learning month for you, Aquarius, but you’re the one teaching, so I guess it’s not really a “learning” month, but you know what I mean. Actually, I don’t even really know what I mean – the stars are all jumbly and I’m not a real astrologer, so… I dunno. Something about learning and teaching and maybe an old mentor or boss? One thing that is super clear is to stay away from social media around the 19th.


Get ready to say goodbye to certain things / people that may be holding you back, Pisces. Don’t worry though, whatever you give up will be making room for something way better. Big focus on love life – revitalizing love, 2nd chance with an old flame, or strengthening the bond with your current partner. Rent a cozy cabin for a few nights or explore a nearby small town – any place that just the two of you can spend some quality time together. No partner? Go alone! (The “go alone” part isn’t part of your horoscope, it’s just me telling you that even though you don’t have a partner you should still do cool stuff like little road trips and excursions by yourself because it’s so fun and sometimes even better than going with someone!)(but make sure to stay safe!)


This month is all about work, Aries, and it’s not all that great. You’ve been in a mood lately, and your coworkers have noticed, so try to bite your tongue and make an effort to strengthen the bond with those you spend most of your day with. Yeah, your attitude has been shitty lately, so work on that and you’ll notice that everything will start feeling better soon. You’re used to doing stuff on your own because others can’t keep up, but think about how nice it might be to slow down and have someone join you for the ride?


Something blurry is going on in your star situation – I’m not a real astrologer so I can’t really tell what it is, but it feels like someone is guilt tripping you about some sort of mistake you made a long time ago – you’ve already dealt with it internally and let it go (good for you!) so wtf is this person still dragging it around for? Tell them to hit the road, you don’t need it! Keep your eyes peeled for a Libra or Aries that may enter your life – big love vibes going on there. 


First some exciting news, Gemini – I recommend a massage around November 19th. That’s nice, right? You’re gonna need it because the first few weeks of November are T-E-N-S-E, TENSE! Life is super hectic for you right now and it’s making you act ultra-assertive which can rub some people the wrong way. So keep an eye on your tone. You’ll be feeling big creative vibes this month – if you’ve been looking at redecorating or rearranging your living space, now is the time!

Pay attention to like… basically everything this month, Cancer, especially when it comes to the following: vehicles (driving one especially), online passwords (banking), and your job! Someone is sneaking around trying to worm their way into your position. I feel real bad about having to give you such a crappy horoscope so I dug deep to see if there was ANYTHING good happening for you, and well… there isn’t. Sorry! Next month will be better!


You’re feeling flexible right now, Leo, in both your mind and your body. Which is great because your boss is going to be difficult for a while, and your work situation is going to be weird and you’re going to be getting mixed signals from everyone and you won’t know who to listen to. BUT you’re feeling strong mentally and will be able to just go with the flow and not take things too personally this month. I don’t know why I mentioned your body feeling flexible because I’ve got no actual news for you on that, I just thought it sounded good in that sentence. Don’t buy anything expensive until early December. 


It’s all about money this month, Virgo! You’re soon going to be making more money which is great, but that doesn’t mean you should be spending more… yet! If you’re working closely with someone (like because you got a promotion or a new title which is why you’re making more money so now you have to train someone to do your old job) you should take extra time to teach them really good in order to avoid misunderstanding and costly mistakes. Also something about your clothes not fitting right, but I don’t want to mention that because who cares if you’ve put on a few pounds! Join the club! 


Best if you just lay low this month, Libra. Like… don’t say anything, don’t spend anything, don’t go anywhere until after the 18th. If there is a big project or task that you’ve been putting off because it will take too much time – now is the time to do it. Providing you don’t have to talk to anyone about it, spend anything on it, and can work on it from home. (Insert shrug emoji.)