Calgary Corgi Meetup
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Calgary Has A Corgi Meetup and We Have The Photos To Prove It

I frequently see advertisements for dog meetups popping on my Facebook newsfeed but not being a dog-owner myself, I’ll typically scroll past them. It wasn’t until I saw a very special kind of meetup — one just for Corgis — when my scrolling stopped and I decided to take action.

Having grown up with dogs, I’ve always been a dog-lover, but Corgis hold a special place in my heart. They are the literal potatoes of dog breeds, they exude airs of royalty and they’re the breed of choice for everyone’s favourite Queer Eye guy, Antoni. Plus, Corgi butts.

I decided to attend my very first Corgi meetup, hosted by Calgary’s Black Collar Society, sans Corgi. Did I feel awkward about not having my own dog to bring? Yes. Was I going to do it anyway? Absolutely.

Under the guise of “journalism”, I decided to bring my camera to document the event so I wouldn’t have to feel totally weird about not bringing a dog. As I pulled into the parking lot of Black Collar Society, I saw a few Corgis and their owners happily waddle their way into the building. My pulse started racing and I thought to myself, “this is going to be the most magical moment of my life.”

I wasn’t wrong. As soon as I made my way down to where all the Corgis were playing, I was bombarded by wagging tails, drool, and the cutest little faces I’ve ever seen.

Here’s proof:

There were about 20 corgis just running around. That’s a lot of bread butts. I chatted with some of the owners, followed a few of the Corgis on Instagram and most importantly, I got to make some memorable furry friends. Despite not having my own Corgi, I felt welcomed and appreciated. It was essentially the perfect day.

P.S. I firmly believe all Corgis should have their own Instagram account, but here were a few of my favourites:

If you’re interested in attending a Corgi meetup of your own, Black Collar Society hosts a variety of dog meetup events (and not just for Corgis!). You can find out more over on their Facebook page

By Lexi Wright

Hoping to spot a Corgi out and about this weekend? Our map of the West Beltline does take you by a dog park… Good luck!