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Late Night Eats for Every Day of the Week

Sometimes, we just want – or need– that late night, but quality grub and not even Arctic temperatures are going to keep us from getting it. Sadly, there is one thing that could keep someone from that sweet sweet midnight fix, and it’s having no clue where you can actually get it. Fear not gourmand, we’ve got just the list for you. These are our favourite places in Calgary to get super late night eats, every single day of the week.

Monday: Anju

One might argue that Monday is usually the worst day of the week, but they probably wouldn’t need to since almost everyone is right there with them anyway. So, why is it that so many places close early on the day that we need good food most of all, or worse, don’t open at all? Luckily, Anju’s award-winning kitchen is open until 1 am. Whether you want their infamous Crispy Tofu or comforting Dolsot Bibimbap (Hot Stone Rice Bowl), the Korean fusion restaurant has you covered well into the night.

Tuesday: Shokunin

Small but mighty, this little joint was actually named the 39th Best Restaurant in Canada. It’s already great to be able to get impressive Japanese-inspired cuisine right on 4th Street, but it’s even better that we can get it when the cravings hit at midnight. Cooking up a storm until 1am, the kitchen even serves up a speciality noodle dish, that’s only available after 10pm. Sounds to us like a match made in heaven.

Wednesday: National Beerhalls

A bar that takes its food seriously is a godsend, especially when it’s 10 pm on a Wednesday and you’ve got a hankering for something tasty, but want to keep it super casual and low key. National Beerhall locations serve up delicious food into the wee hours of the night with their chef-driven menu which is more than 80 percent made in-house (yes those sausages and mustards are homemade!). Let the food coma you’re sure to go induce lull you into the peaceful sleep you deserve midweek.; @nationalbeerhall

Thursday: Oak Tree Tavern

The down to earth Irish pub in Kensington is a guaranteed good time with a little help from the lovely people to its easy-going, divey feel. The Oak Tree’s menu isn’t massive but it’s well thought out, with something for everyone, and is consistently delicious pub grub. The kitchen closes when the bar does, so on Thursday nights that usually means you can eat until at least 1am, oftentimes even 2am if it’s busy! The cherry on top is that on this day every week, you’ll get to experience some live music with no cover charge.

Friday: Hayden Block

Another restaurant that stays open based on how busy it is, Hayden Block keeps it’s kitchen open as late as 1:30am on Friday nights. With Texas BBQ and 100 different whiskeys, you most likely don’t need much convincing to head here. If you do though, you might just be sold on the ½ priced meats after 10pm. That deal is too good to pass up!

Saturday: Blues Can

The Blues Can is another bar for a sure shot good time with daily live music. Right in the heart of Inglewood, it’s the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night. Usually served til 1am on the weekend, the menu is full of southern favourites, like Po’ Boys and Jambalaya.

Sunday: Una Pizza + Wine

Bittersweet is how we’d describe Sunday. You can still do a lot of fun stuff with the day, but you have the looming feeling of the weekday grind that’s just around the corner. The cure for this feeling is the world’s most popular comfort food. Even if the denial runs deep and you only admit to yourself how much it sucks late Sunday night, Una is there to support you until 1 am with the world’s greatest gifts: pizza and wine.; @unacalgary

By Michelle Pijanowski

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