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True North Strong and Tattooed

We get pretty excited about Canada Day around here. There are literally so many things about this beautiful country to celebrate – and we’re not just talking about Double-Double Tim Horton’s coffees, the igloo houses we all obviously live in, or maple syrup. Canadians are incredibly kind, smart, and funny, eh? We’re also generally very proud to be Canadian.

But Canadian mattress maker, Endy, wants to know just how deep that national pride runs, so they’re teaming up with Calgary’s Ambassador Tattoo for a sick contest – Endy Ink. “Canadians wear their True North Pride on their sleeves. As a proudly Canadian company, our goal with Endy Ink is to help make that pride permanent,” says Endy’s CEO Mike Gettis.

So just like it sounds, until June 24th, Calgarians can sign up to win one of 30 free permanent tats. If you’re bold enough to take it to the next level, the first winner to get an Endy box tattoo will be given an Endy mattress in the size of their choosing, so it’s a win-win situation.

Ambassador Tattoo will have its doors open July 1st, 2018, from 10 am to 5 pm for the event. Contest winners and those interested but not quite hardcore enough can experience the award-winning mattress for themselves while getting, or nearly getting, inked for the love of everything Canada.

Listen up. If you’re on the fence, this could have been an awful dare from your friends to get a tattoo of Daisy Duck on your left butt cheek, but it’s not. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to get an amazing tattoo honouring your country for free.

So, you think you’re proud to be Canadian? Prove it. Enter to win before the contest closes June 24th.

Check out the tattoo design options here

By Deanna Tucker

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