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Buy Tiffany Wollman’s Art at the Collective Arts Brewing Tap Takeover at National on 17th

If the change of seasons makes you sit inside and stare at your blank walls, there’s an easy remedy. Get out and be social — and buy some art for those walls! Collective Arts Brewing will be taking over the taps at National on 17th on October 1, 2017, and, in their longstanding support of local artists, they’re inviting local artists to show and sell their art.

Calgary-based artist Tiffany Wollman will be in attendance. We caught up with her to learn more about the event and what she’ll be showing.

Can you tell us more about the Art Show and Sale by Collective Arts Brewing at National on 17th?

It is on Sunday, October 1st, from 11 to 3 pm at National 17th.

One of the things I like about National and Collective Arts Brewing is that they are both always actively supporting and promoting craft beer and creativity. The upcoming Art Show is a great opportunity to see art that you wouldn’t normally expect to or get the chance to see while meeting friends for brunch and craft beer.

What’s your involvement in the art show?

I was asked to be a featured artist in the art show and to select a handful of local artist to share their creativity at National 17th. Promoting visibility to the artist and providing an opportunity for them to make some sales and community connections while providing the viewer an enriching experience to have access to see art and art they may even take home.

How would you describe your own art?

Ethereal and dreamlike. An escape into a landscape of water, nature, and sunlight.

What will you be selling at the show?

I will be selling limited edition archival fine art prints, original line drawings of flowers, oil paintings on paper and small canvas paintings, and handmade aromatherapy sleep masks.

Anything else you’d like to say about your own art at the Art Show and Sale?

Ten percent of my art sales at the Art Show and Sale will be donated to The Blue Planet Project, because “Water is Life.” The organization works to protect water for people and nature for generations to come.

Check out Tiffany’s Art;;