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Uplifting Instagram Accounts in YYC

Last year was a year of growth and getting back to the basics; it was a year of re-evaluating and letting of go of all that did not serve us. This year is about starting fresh on a positive note. Here are ten Instagram accounts to keep your spirits high, motivated and in gratitude:

Alora (@aloraboutique)

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A family powerhouse, Jameela Ghann, her other half, Peter Njongwe, and her mother are committed to empowering individuals through their handcrafted jewelry line all the while giving back. They focus on helping disadvantaged women in the community and have partnered with the Mustard Seed, the Dean Louise School Program (Lifeskills for Teenage Mothers) and the Home Front Prevention of Domestic Violence Program. Conscious of the environment, they use recycled brass and glass. Oh and did I mention, they have the cutest kiddies?!

Crystal Bar Soap (@crystalbarsoap)

Founder, Kat Wright (originally based in #YYC and now living in LA), is a special soul! The amount of love she puts into creating each bar of her handmade vegan soap is truly incredible. Not only does she touch every single stone that goes into each bar, she uses sage to help clear their energy so you can experience the full benefits of what the stone has to offer during your bathing ritual. Wright is full of encouragement and love making it a must “Turn on Post Notifications” for your Instagram account.

Edina Antoinette (@edina.antoinette)

If you are looking for clarification in your life, Edina Antoinette provides sound wisdom. Her statements make you think and shower you with a sense of calmness. Here’s what I am talking about: “Your intuition loses strength when your mind is cluttered and your heart is heavy. If it doesn’t make you feel light, get rid of it.” Profound, right?!

Food by Maria (@foodbymaria)

It’s no secret the topic of healthy eating is becoming more common as well as turning to food as medicine. Maria Koutsogiannis, food extraordinaire and creator of Food by Maria, takes you on a journey of how to prepare quick and easy plant-based meals that are chockfull of nutrients. She is set to come out with a new cookbook this summer, Mindful Vegan Meals: Food is Your Friend, revealing recipes that allowed her to regain a positive relationship with food after her struggle with bulimia. You can pre-order your copy here!

Harpreet M Dayal (@harpreet.m.dayal)

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The words written by Ms. Dayal herself – who is a children’s book author, a spoken word poet and currently writing a book – will capture your heart. Her poems are short and sweet married with a beautiful flower sealed together to create a magical image leaving you wanting more.

Hello Sunshine CC (@hellosunshine_cc)

Looking for encouragement? Definitely check out @hellosunshine_cc on the gram! Run by a Counsellor and Life Coach, this page is meant to bring messages of support. Yellow and orange are the theme colours representing happiness, positivity, optimism, creativity and success. There are several “How To” tips to help you move through challenges and find inner peace. Also, many posts highlight one’s worth; it’s like having that special friend who always makes it known daily, you matter!

Heart 2 Heart Journey (@heart2heartjourney)

Terra Kenzie Longacre, who is an Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of Heart 2 Heart Journey, is a bright light! She helps you feel your best through practices such as Akashic Record Readings, Aromatherapy, Chakra Balancing and Reiki; all is done with a heart-centered focus. No matter the circumstance, Longacre has a way of shifting your attention onto the positive. Every Wednesday, she posts a video of a card she pulls and explains its significance to provide insight and guidance. Watching her and her loving energy automatically lights you up!

Lynette Melnyk (@lynettemelnykart)

Lynette Melnyk is a #YYC painter who captures your gaze with her paintbrush. It’s all about the flow of each stoke and mixing different colors together to produce a masterpiece! Recently, she was part of a massive art show taking place during the internationally famous Miami Art Week: Spectrum Miami 2017. Melnyk has even ventured on to use different mediums such a wire to add another dimension to her work. When watching her Instagram stories of her paint, you cannot help but feel at ease.

Parts + Labour (@partsandlabor_inc)

This local clothing brand is about creating a love revolution! Jennifer Mehalko is the Founder and Designer who leads to inspire. The collections include vintage, heart-work and accessories. Anyone who wears Parts + Labour is definitely making a bold statement as each piece stands out. Their motto is everything: “Movement, connection + big, bold style turns us on. We weave the tangible with heart, beads of sweat + an innate desire to live an elevated life.”

Intention Therapy (@intentiontherapy)

Cindy-Diane Rheault (pronounced row), the creator behind, believes in the power of expressing intention for mental health (being clear about your self-recovery strategy) and has experienced it on a personal level. She has taken this concept to a group level where several individuals gather together and hold the intention of love as well as hope towards a specific individual(s) mental health intentions.

Rheault’s most recent project is based on a virtual platform that is safe and accessible where she is creating a Human Chain Link of Hope Movement inspired by her late cousin (who sadly took her own life late last year). This sparked a deep desire in Rheault to reach out to those suffering in silence and raise their sense of hope letting them know they are not alone.

To date, 12,000 messages of hope have been sent in — photos, poems, illustrations and much more! Many of the pictures of hope sent in have been compiled together in a movie involving online interviews she did with individuals who share their story of hope which is set to come out in February.You can partake in the movement by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts with three hearts — their universal symbol of hope!

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By Ella Clarens