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Your Guide to Late Night Eats in Calgary During Stampede

Another epic night at the Wildhorse Saloon is threatening to come to an end, but you’re not ready to stop. It’s a typical predicament and we’ve all been there.

We’ve also all had some nightmare experiences when it comes to extending the evening — from sketchy holes in the wall to fast food you’d never eat sober. Never be a victim again. Head straight out of the tent and right into the loving arms of one of these rated late-night joints that will give you nothing but sweet dreams.

Clive Burger

If you’ve ever had a taste of the angelic condiment known as Clive Sauce, you know this spot is the natural option on 17th Avenue SW. Unlike the frozen burger you had at the office barbecue earlier, this is fresh, 100% natural Alberta beef, topped with a unique menu of “fixins” from sauerkraut to fried eggs. The service is a welcome throw-back to better days when they’d call your name when your food was ready, which we think lends to an elevated fast food experience, even (or especially) at 3 am.

736 17 Ave. SW,

U & Me

Often on the wilder side at the end of the night, this Chinatown hotspot (also serving hot pot) is open 24 hours a day, so you might see the sun coming up when you leave. Giant plates of the standard Chinese fare and big tables keep the party going, so this is the spot to bring your whole crew when you’re not ready to go home.

233 Centre St. SW,

Double Zero

Sure, you can opt for pizza by the slice anywhere downtown, but just know that you run the serious risk of encountering cardboard flavor and some inevitable criminal activity. If the night isn’t a total runaway, head to Double Zero for some beautiful thin-crust with all of the authentic Neapolitan ingredients your heart desires before hopping on the C-Train across the street. Plus, the wine and the atmosphere definitely make it the sexy choice if that’s your end game. Kitchen is open ’til 11 pm Thursday through Saturday.

The Core, 751 4 St. SW,


It’s only midnight, but the buzz you’ve had since the afternoon is wearing off and you need some tasty comfort food that’s easy on the tummy. Open until 1 am and located in the heart of Mission, this new Japanese izakaya is the adult choice on your way home. With locally-sourced ingredients and impeccable attention to detail, expect mouthwatering ramen and a well-crafted nightcap to end your night in style.

2016 4 St. SW,

By Lydia Nutbrown