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How to Throw a Creative Cocktail Party

The shift in seasons makes us want to drink cocktails — and lots of them. If you’ve got a particularly creative circle of friends, consider throwing a creative cocktail party. It’ll be a hit. Added bonus: you’ll likely end up with lots of leftovers to keep your bar cart well stocked for the holidays.

In the invitations, request your guests to bring a certain item. This minimizes your tasks but also freshens up the party. For this specific gathering, allocate a drink ingredient (like a specific alcohol or mixer) and also a theme to each guest.

Though it’s fine to suggest broad topics, such as “Literature Night” or “Film Frenzy,” it is best to opt for specific pop-culture references for each guest, from Indiana Jones to Alice in Wonderland. This allows you to have a pretty diverse spread of refreshments but also enables you to prepare some basic snacks or appetizers to go along with each person’s theme. Remember, as the host, you are partially responsible for their wellbeing, so be sure to provide enough to eat to prevent a rough morning the day after!

Get Creative, Have Fun

You can have a lot of fun with this idea, just make sure to request that guests try to be as creative as possible. This will allow for legendary combinations like “Skyy-Walker Vodka Martinis” and “Chewbacca Brownies” (Star Wars); “Honey Mead” and “Piglet Pork Dumplings” (Winnie the Pooh); or a “Spicy Caesar” and “Buffalo Wings” (Some Like It Hot). If you’re in the mood for more of a sit-down dinner party than a cocktail function, simply make a larger amount of food for each theme. The guests won’t even have to alter their cocktail inventions.

For a little bit of added fun, you can always theme certain games for the guests to play. Even if it’s as simple as trying to guess exactly what topic each person was given. It’s a simple alternative to a full-fledged dinner party and is great for splitting up the work between attendees.

For invitation inspiration, check out Reid’s — it’s is one of Calgary’s best destinations for hilarious activities, stationery, and party decorations.

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By Matt Moghadam