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How to Throw an Italian Dinner Party-Themed Get Together This Fall

We’ve probably all been there: you want to get some friends together for a truly memorable party, but then comes the panic. What if the event is superbly dull? What if it ends up being too much work for your already-busy life? Will you have to shell out a month’s rent for just this one jamboree?

Surprisingly enough, you can throw a remarkable function with considerably less effort, lower costs, and practically no dread, simply by changing the approach a little bit. We’ve thrown together three uncomplicated but thoroughly entertaining ideas for your next get-together.

The Italian Dinner Party

Though it seems like an Italian-themed dinner party would be nothing but exhausting, it can be an effortless function. All you need is some creativity and a place for the guests to gather.

For the first step, you’ll need to take care of invites. It seems that the days of physical invitations have practically ended, but for this particular festivity, it’s best to hand out invitations to guests in person. It may be a bit more work than a mere electronic request, but the extra step goes a long way.

Grab yourself a mason jar and place an index card containing the details of the occasion on one side. On the other side, present a recipe for that particular guest to cook up and bring. Not only is it a nice change for guests to receive their summons in real life, but the mason jar can easily double as a container for their creation.

Ask for their involvement in producing a pasta sauce, pesto, antipasti, or practically any other easy-to-make Italian cuisine. Most guests would be happy to help, especially as they won’t feel the need to bring a separate gift for the host. If your choice doesn’t fit in the jar, like bread or cannoli, then they can keep the container for themselves!

Once they arrive, have all the invitees present their product, and then you can explain the feast. If you’re willing to share the kitchen, everyone can get involved in the process. Invite guests to toast bread for bruschetta, to cook pasta (bonus points for making your own!) or put the dessert together. Alternatively, you can get each person to finish up their own addition, or you can take it from there. It’s entirely up to you and easily adaptable, permitting for as much personalization as your lifestyle allows.

For some of Calgary’s best ingredients and finest inspiration, try Lina’s Italian Market or The Italian Store.

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By Matt Moghadam