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Love Letters to Beer

With Valentine’s Day drawing nearer, the National Beerhall general managers are feeling a little drunk in love with their favourite craft beers.

National 10th

Dear Fahr Away Hefeweizen,

You’re not like other beers with your German roots. Your brewmaster’s love for you is true, but not as true as mine.

Love you forever,

National 8th

Dear Blue Buck,

You’re a classic, I love your caramel taste and roasted malt.


National Westhills

Dear Fallentimber Meadjito,

You’re not quite a beer, but I love you just the same. You’re unique, refreshing, and one-of-a-kind.

Never leave me.


National 17th

Dear Beer In General,

You don’t tell me that I dress funny, you tell me that I’m smart and muscular.

You make the world go round.


Looking for a little love buzz of your own? The above-mentioned beers can be found at National Beerhall locations throughout the city. Happy Valentine’s Day from the National team!

By Ayla Gilmer

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