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Vern’s Must-Listen Podcast Picks

A recent email chain that went around the Vern office brought to light the fact that our team is very pro-podcast. Some of us enjoy uplifting stories, others want an education, and a few just want to hear some good old-fashioned trash talk. We decided that this info was too valuable not to share, so please enjoy our curated list of must-listen podcasts!

Fraser: Personal Best

This podcast was a bright light for me last winter. It’s a super cute “self-improvement” show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not sure how the hosts got permission to do the show because it turns the tiniest and sometimes strangest goals into grand adventures, often skirting around the person’s original goal. “One Time Snooze” and “Cow Watch 2018” are two of my favourite episodes from the show’s first season. Finger’s crossed we’ll get a second one this winter!

Sarah: Good Life Project

Each episode, Jonathan Fields digs deep with amazing guests and has conversations around how they’ve found their purpose and meaning to overcome personal obstacles. Some past guests include Brené Brown and Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I always find a nugget of inspiration in each conversation.

Caitie (Vern’s resident Podcast aficionado): The Daily

I’m not great at keeping up with news in general, especially not American politics and current events. I like this podcast because it gives a 20- to 30-minute summary of some of the current issues, and for bigger stories, provides more in-depth coverage.


This is another New York Times podcast about ISIS, however, it directly relates to Canada as the star interviewee is a Canadian citizen. Again, it does an incredible job of explaining some of the intricacies and history of ISIS.

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

A gripping CBC podcast about a sex cult that you cannot stop listening to once you start. I’ll leave it at that.

Twyla: …These Are Their Stories: The Law & Order Podcast

Each week the hosts do a deep dive into a different Law & Order episode and discuss them in a funny way, and then dig into the real-life true crime stories that inspired each episode. Did you know there was a real family who faked a kidnapping in order to teach their son about “stranger danger”?! Yikes!

Ruth: Revisionist History

Revisionist History takes seemingly insignificant events in the past that have been misunderstood or forgotten and re-evaluates how a different perspective could change the outcome or impact. Caitie showed me this one, so you know it’s got to be good!

Sumin: The Black Tapes

My favourite podcast is — hands down — The Black Tapes. It’s a fictional story, done in the style of Serial, about a journalist who is researching a collection of tapes containing unexplained paranormal footage. It’s mysterious and spooky without being too creepy. I’ve listened to each season three or four times now, which reminds me, I should probably start them over again today!

Angela: Armchair Expert

My favourite podcast right now is Armchair Expert. It has a great variety — the guests range from child physiologists to Colin Hanks. In each episode, host Dax Shepard and his guests have an honest discussion about struggles, setbacks, and all of the things that make everyone’s life story unique.

Ricky: Bitch Sesh

The hosts are seriously the funniest women in comedy. They talk about the week’s Real Housewives shows, and now they’re starting to branch out into other important shows like 90 Day Fiancé. The only Housewives franchise I watch is New Jersey (because I’m convinced I have a higher net worth than most of the cast members and their lives are so stupid), but I actually think my ignorance makes Bitch Sesh funnier. #notagging

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is bar-none the funniest thing you’ll ever experience in your life. Platinum-level comedy. The host’s dad wrote an erotic novel called Belinda Blinked and he reads it chapter by chapter with two friends. It’s the most bizarre and amazing thing you’ll ever hear. This podcast is definitely not suitable for the whole family!


During my lovely daily commute I listen to CBC’s Uncover, thanks to Caitie. I’m currently listening to “Ravens” which is about the unsolved murder of Manitoba teen Kerrie Ann Brown, with interviews from her family and friends. Uncover is great because they’re true crime stories with real journalistic interviews and a great storyline throughout each episode.

Ayla: Rewatchability

Each week, three friends re-watch movies from their childhood (some recent episodes include The Wedding Singer, Men in Black, and Ghost) and then get together to discuss how good/bad/funny/cringe-worthy they are and whether or not they still hold up in current times. You’ve likely forgotten or never noticed (or maybe even blocked out) the things they point out, but getting through an episode without a full-on belly laugh is next to impossible.

The Faculty of Horror

Horror fans, authors, and sociologists Alex and Andrea take an analytical approach to horror movies, offering an often-overlooked feminist perspective on the genre. I definitely look at horror movies differently thanks to these two!

Looking for great podcasts for your next road trip? Try out download ones!