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Best Places in YYC to Work Out At (and the Best Cheat Meals Nearby)

As fall starts to show its face, many people start to slip back into winter patterns: pumpkin spice everything, heavy foods, and extra layers seem like the perfect reason to give up on fitness.

Even so, just because beaches and shorts are out of the question doesn’t mean that workouts are too. Calgary has some remarkable locations, exercises, and facilities to indulge in, ensuring your summer ideals are maintained year round.

We’ve thrown together a list of some of Calgary’s finest, but in case you still want to embrace the occasional indulgence, you can also check out the listed rewards to truly treat yourself post-training.

GoodLife on Stephen Ave.

Though GoodLife Fitness isn’t local to Calgary, there is one building that truly sets it apart in the area. Taking up residence in a former Bank of Montreal building that was finished in 1931, this gym on is truly breathtaking, and will surely make any workout a bit easier with the Corinthian columns, original chandeliers, and marble finishes.

When you’re finished your drills and reps, all you have to do is walk over to Goro + Gun, a contemporary and delectable finish to your regime. The Ramen Burger is a legendary take on a classic, with a fried noodle ‘bun’, wagyu beef, unagi sauce, kimchi, and garlic aioli.

GoodLife: 140 8 Ave SW, Calgary,

Gore + Gun: Scotia Centre,

Barre Belle in Mission

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Taking a unique approach to a typical workout, Barre Belle offers strength and cardio work through mat work, barre exercises, and loads of other operations. It’ll offer you a chance to diversify your workout while still reaping all of the benefits of movement. Only a short walk up the street is Anju, where you can land yourself one of the KFC Sliders. Fried chicken smothered in gochujang, loaded with kewpie mayo and lettuce is the perfect post-exercise treat.

Barre Belle: 1812 4 St. SW,

Anju: 344 17 Ave. SW,

Calgary East Fit Body Boot Camp

You’re in for a proper challenge when you walk through the doors of the Calgary East Fit Body Boot Camp in Bridgeland. Working hard and fast, you’ll be tested through numerous drills and tests, but won’t feel remotely guilty about treating yourself to a warm Birch Tart at Whitehall Restaurant. It’s served with a buttermilk custard, walnuts, and a delightful birch syrup to keep your mind off any soreness.

Calgary East Fit Body Boot Camp: 217 4 St. NE,

Whitehall Restaurant: 24 4 St. NE,

Undrcrd Boxing Studio

With plenty of classes to choose from each day, you can test out a different aspect of fitness at Undrcrd. Whether you’re just a beginner or have been sparring for years, you can choose between individual boxing classes, monthly memberships, or a variety of other passes. When you’re finished working out, you can stroll over to National on 10th in mere minutes for your reward. Opt for the NTNL Mac N’ Cheese with mesquite bacon for a cheesy and delicious meal.

Undrcrd Boxing Studio: 349 10 Ave. SW,

National on 10th: 341 10 Ave. SW,

YYC Cycle

Spin is one of the latest trends that’s actually a great benefit to your health. With expert motivators challenging and supporting you while you’re on the bike, spending time at YYC Cycle will be a worthwhile addition to your workout regime. If you’re at the Kensington location, stroll on over to Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey for their Buttermilk Waffles with Candied Burnt Ends as your cheat meal.

YYC Cycle: 1117 Kensington Rd. NW,

Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey: 1136 Kensington Rd. NW,

Junction 9

This marvelous locale offers both yoga and pilates to change things up a little bit. At Junction 9, you can advance in classes, gain a better center of balance, learn meditation, and work toward finer muscle tone. Just down the street is 500 Cucina, where you can indulge in the gnocchi carbonara for a wonderfully rich and delectable version of this classic Italian dish.

Junction 9: 919 9 Ave. SE,

500 Cucina: 1003 9 Ave. SE,

Victoria Park CrossFit

As another of the latest crazes in the fitness world, Victoria Park CrossFit offers the opportunity to push every one of your limits for the better. After you’re through with your high-intensity session, you’ll also have to push yourself to move over to Model Milk. It’s more than worth the effort though once you get your hands on a Dry Aged Wagyu Beef Tartare, which is served with fermented teff, ricotta, and black cardamom.

Victoria Park CrossFit: 300 17 Ave. SW,

Model Milk: 308 17 Ave. SW,

Union Athletica

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Featuring barre exercises, spin, yoga, and strength training, Union Athletica is an ideal one-stop workout spot. Conveniently located close to numerous restaurants on and around 17th Avenue SW, you can easily reward yourself in the best manner. Galaxie Diner is one such location, and their Galaxie French Toast is something to write home about, featuring delicious bananas, toasted coconut, and real maple syrup to finish.

Union Athletica: 1463 17 Ave. SW,

Galaxie Diner: 1413 11 St. SW,

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